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Warranty / Refills / Care


Curtis Australia takes considerable pride in creating international award winning pens and accessories, and carefully inspects and tests each pen before it leaves our studio.

We provide a two year warranty for your pen, subject only to a few understandable exceptions.
Fair wear and tear, nib wear and accidental damage are not covered.

In the unlikely event you have a problem with your pen, please contact us here, describing what the issue is. We'll provide advice by return email, and, if it is necessary to return your pen, we will provide details on how to send it back to us.


Curtis brand refills are recommended for use with your pen - you can order them here
Full instructions are included with each pen type.
Ballpoint and rollerball pens simply unscrew at the join between the balck grip and the pen barrel. Be careful not to lose the spring - if it does come out, slide it over the refill tip so the wider end of the spring sits on the refill. Reassemble the pen.

Care for your pen

Sterling silver
Silver will stay clean with regular use and develop a natural patina. Storing your pen in a Curtis leather pouch to reduce tarnishing. If tarnishing does occur, wipe gently with a Curtis cleaning cloth, specially impregnated to remove tarnish easily.

Resin parts
Resin parts do not require cleaning. Beacuse the resin is a solid colour material, the colour can't waer off. Prevent scratches by storing the pen in a Curtis leather pouch.

Fountain Pen Care
Fountain pens require a little occasional extra care to keep them writing smoothly. The best way to keep a fountain pen writing reliably is to use it ! Most problems can be traced to ink drying out inside the nib section. Often a simple nib flush in tepid / lukewarm water will get the pen writing again.
Initially (taking care of your clothes and surrounding surfaces) run a little water over the nib, or hold the nib in a glass of water. This might do the trick by removing any dried ink. Wipe the nib with a lint free cloth and try to write on a good piece of paper.

If this doesn't cure the problem, a deeper clean is needed. To do this, unscrew the grip from the barrel. Remove the cartridge or convertor over a sink and (taking care of your clothes and surrounding surfaces) run tepid / lukewarm water into the back of the nib. It will take several minutes to expel all the ink. After this, carefully dry the nib on a lint free cloth and reassemble. Fit a fresh cartridge or refill the convertor. Gently scribble on a good quality paper to restart the ink flow, which may be watery at first but will soon be back to full strength.

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